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okay.i'm give up.for a big initial g.i'm a fighter but when it come to this stage,i know that i need to pull out my mask and show my true colour.the sadness and loneliness that always lock me up in myself.i'm not a sorrow-black-emo girl.i try to fill up my life with colours,rainbow, laughter,love,smile.i do fill it up but with my mask on.hypocrite.yeah sure.but i'm prefer pretending.i'm pretend so that nobody will fell sorry for me.a lousy girl.loser.pathetic.but now,please?.please someone realise that i was not me.i was pretend that i'm okay.but i'm not.really.i'm not okay.i was hope someone will see me like this and ask " are u okay ?" then i'll spill it matter who is the person,when or where.i will spill.becoz i'm tired enough to live in my bubble,seeing the outside world and pretend that i'm happy here.guys,i'm building up my bubble is to protect myself from the sadness but eventually it protect me from being happy.stupid huh?i'm tired.please.look at me.stay with me.i'm not that strong enough.i'm a weak person with a fragile heart and with a wavelike emotion.i'm always pretend to be a strong becoz i dont want your sympathy.but now.i really need that least i know that i still have you.please.turn around.look at me.i'm not okay.

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hey, i still have my shoulder if you need it honey!

everytink gonna be fine..time is the healer..

byk bersabar and don't give up